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Wood Silverlake

At WOOD restaurant, we believe in providing a traditional meal with a modern experience.

Italian food is famously simple. It’s never been about complicated recipes or long ingredient lists. Instead, it’s all about finding the best, freshest ingredients and combining them in just the right way to bring out their flavors together.

And we take this to heart! We make sure to get only the very best ingredients to make all of our dishes from scratch. Once put together, we draw upon thousands of years’ worth of cooking tradition in our wood-fired oven. In there, the even distribution of heat, smoke, and fire perfectly brings out the flavors of each ingredient. The core values of ancestral Italian cuisine: quality, simplicity, and tradition, guide us through every dish that we make here at WOOD restaurant.

And just like tradition dictates, you are invited to accompany your meal with one of our natural biodynamic wines. We have carefully curated our wine selection so that you can pair up the dish of your choice with the best possible bottle for it. There is nothing better than taking a bite of your food and then enhancing the flavor with a sip of good wine.

Trust us, though, it all tastes even better than it sounds. We provide you with the best atmosphere in which to enjoy your authentic Italian meal. Our beautiful garden and patio overlooking Sunset Boulevard will give you an equally southern Californian and southern Italian experience.

If you are looking for “Silver Lake Pizza,” we are the ones to call! Our delicious pizzas, meats, pastas, and wines are all waiting for you.

Wood restaurant
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