Wood Has the Best Brick Oven Pizza in Los Angeles

best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles

When it comes to pizza, everybody has their own opinions on what makes the absolute best version in the world. Now, we might be biased, but we happen to think that the very best pizza in Los Angeles can be found at Wood Silverlake! The reason that we truly believe this is down to the fact that our pizzas are cooked in an amazing brick oven, and once you go brick oven, it is impossible to go back! There is definitely a lot of competition across the city, but we are confident in stating that we have the best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles. To back our claim up, here are just some of the many reasons why brick oven pizza is the best-tasting pizza in the world.

High Cooking Temperature

The inside of a brick wood oven can get much, much hotter than a conventional kitchen oven, and this means that the heat is distributed much more evenly across every corner. You know at home when you sometimes have to rotate your pizza in order to get an even cook? That isn’t the case with a brick oven because the temperature is high throughout.

Better Crust

These high temperatures make for an absolutely delicious crust. Nobody in the world wants a bland or soft crust to dip at the end of their slice of pizza, and what a brick oven guarantees is that you are going to have the perfect crust to cover in sauce every single time.

Faster Cooking Time

Another benefit of the amazingly high temps that a brick oven can achieve is the fact that you can have your pizza fully cooked and delivered to your table or your door in a matter of minutes. When you are starving and want your order, this is the best possible outcome!

Fresher Toppings

One thing that the faster cooking time results in is much fresher, crisper, tastier toppings. The longer things like vegetables and thin meats stay in the oven, the tougher and harder they are going to get. Almost ‘flash cooking’ in a brick oven means that the dough gets properly cooked in a quicker time, leaving your toppings much less exposed to over-exposure.

best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles

Unique Flavor

The flavor that you get from the burning wood of a brick oven is absolutely unique. When you compare it to a pizza that is cooked in a bland kitchen oven environment, there really isn’t any comparison at all! There is a smoky, earthy taste that makes all the ingredients taste better.

So, if you want to sample the best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles for yourself, then don’t hesitate to visit us as Wood Silverlake! No matter what your pizza topping preferences are, we can guarantee that we have an option on the menu that is perfect for you. Our expert pizza chefs look forward to welcoming you and having you try what they are confident is the best pizza you will find not just in Los Angeles, but anywhere on the West Coast!


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