7 Reasons to Eat Pizza in Silverlake

pizza in Silverlake

Let’s be real, nobody in the world has ever had to be persuaded into eating pizza! We think that everyone can agree that pizza is one of life’s great culinary luxuries – sometimes the simple things are the best! It is often described as a guilty pleasure or junk food, but you might be surprised to hear that pizza does actually has its positives! To help make you feel less guilty about pigging out on your chosen day, here are seven reasons that you should be eating pizza in Silverlake!

  1. The average slice of pizza contains a total of 12 grams of protein, and as humans, we need protein to be able to gain muscle, make hair, blood, antibodies, connective tissue, enzymes, and much more. Basically, eating delicious pizza every now and then gives you a much-needed protein boost!

  2. Pizza can help you to absorb an antioxidant called Lycopene which is found in tomatoes. Lycopene is good for you because it helps to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol low.

  3. Pizza can be as healthy as you choose it to be, for example, packing lots of delicious fresh vegetables on top for maximum nutritious benefit!

  4. To be more health-conscious about your meal, you always have the option of choosing for your pizza to have a thin crust and base. This will give you an overall better balance of carbohydrates and make the meal much ‘healthier’ in the eyes of the nutritionists!

  5. In some ways, you should consider pizza to be even healthier than the majority of popular breakfast cereals! There are so many hidden sugars and calories in those sweet breakfast boxes that you actually end up being more nutritionally sensible if you have a slice of pizza instead! Of course, we know there are much more healthy cereal options on supermarket shelves, but let’s be honest, those aren’t usually the ones that you are picking out to take home, are they?

  6. You can opt for a pizza that has a whole wheat crust and base, and this automatically adds a lot of beneficial fiber to your meal. The whole wheat dough contains far fewer carbs than white dough, and when you have all of your delicious toppings covering it, you won’t really be able to even tell the difference.

  7. Pizza is the perfect ‘treat’ meal that can help to keep the rest of your diet on track. If you want to have that pizza at the end of the week, you need to be strict with yourself from Monday to Friday, and for many people, the danger of not being able to reward yourself with your favorite treat food is enough to keep you from straying!

pizza in Silverlake

So, if you want to make the most of some of these delicious benefits, then make the smart decision to visit Wood Silverlake the next time you are in the neighborhood! Head over to our website to look at the mouthwatering menu of pizza in Silverlake, we can guarantee that you will find something that you won’t be able to resist!

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