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food delivery in Silver Lake

Eating well during the COVID-19 pandemic is not easy, and you may already be bored by the food delivery choices you have had in the past. In the circumstances, it makes sense to try something completely different, a brand-new take on traditional takeout food that can be a real change. When you are looking for a quite different type of food delivery in Silver Lake, you should try WOOD Restaurant and our marvelous range of pizzas and side dishes that you can enjoy straight to your door. Pick from our fantastic menu and try some of our delicious food today.

food delivery in Silver Lake

Who We Are

When you are bored of the mainstream takeaway menus, you should try a heartfelt menu that has lots to offer you. We don’t offer complicated recipes with too many ingredients, we simply believe in harnessing what we have to create delicious flavors. We took pizzas and a range of other dishes based on traditional Italian cuisine in a wood-fired oven, enhancing the flavor of our ingredients and ensuring that everything is as traditional and authentic as we can make it. Our belief in the values of simplicity, tradition, and quality of ingredients means that our Italian dishes are as honest as they are rich in taste. Everything is made with a dedication to that ancestral cuisine so that it is as close to the food that we love as we can make it. You can find out more about the ingredients we use and our traditional Italian cuisine when you talk to us today.

Choose the Perfect Dish Today

When you are ready, you can order one of our fantastic wood fire cooked pizzas, including a classic margarita and a Prosciutto. You may also pick from some of our smaller plates or starters. We can provide you with a market green salad, or a simple chopped salad, roasted cauliflower, fries, or Arancini balls. Explore the whole menu to find out more about the different options that we have to offer for you. We can talk to you about the dishes that we have to offer, and you can learn more about the way that we cook food and prepare it so that you can enjoy delicious pizza, home-made pasta, or a variety of other cooked foods and salads.

Talk to Us Today

Find out more about how we can give you great meals delivered to your door with a food delivery service in Silver Lake by talking to us today. WOOD Restaurant is happy to help people find delicious Italian cuisine that will taste delicious at any time of day or night. To find out more about our service, and the types of foods that we have to offer on a menu, reach out to us today. You can talk to the team at the restaurant now by reaching out to us through our online form, or you can view our menu and then call us at (323) 667-9940 today.


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