What Are You Craving Right Now? Food Delivery in Silver Lake

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Are you getting bored of ordering from the same three food places in your neighborhood? Do you feel like getting something different for once? Or are you looking for new takes on classics you already love? Well, if you are looking for food delivery in Silver Lake but don’t know what to order, we have gathered a few different suggestions for you.

Pizza Delivery

Ah yes, the first thing that probably comes to mind when you’re thinking about ordering food delivery in Silver Lake. There’s something very comforting and reliable about pizza. It’s almost a given that, regardless of where you get pizza or what kind of pizza it is, you’ll most likely enjoy it. However, that doesn’t mean that you should always settle for whatever cheap greasy pizza, especially when there are so many delicious options out there. If there’s anything better than regular pizza, it’s probably gourmet Neapolitan pizza, which you can order from us here at WOOD Silver Lake. Our menu holds plenty of different pizza toppings, from the most traditional, to exciting ones you might not have had before.

Full Meal at Home

Okay, maybe pizza might not satisfy the cravings you’re currently having, we get it. Maybe you want something that’s a little more filling or that gives you more flavors to play with. In that case, you should go all in. Why settle for your usual delivery places when you can order a full restaurant meal? The good thing is that the WOOD menu is ready to tackle those cravings you are having. Between our handmade pastas, our grilled meats, and our lunchtime sandwiches, you are promised a delightful Italian gastronomical experience regardless of the plate you end up choosing. If you feel particularly hungry, our small plates are great ways to take the meal to the next level.

Ordering Drinks

What is a better complement to a meal than a drink? We are not talking about sodas or chocolate milk either, we are, of course, talking about a good wine or a cold beer. These can be hard to get delivered to your place, but not with us. Part of our food delivery in Silver Lake includes our wine and beer selection, which is always half off. So, if tonight or any other night, you feel like properly accompanying your meal, you know you can always count on us here at WOOD to have the right selection to offer. Whether you want a beer with your pizza or wine with your pasta, we’ve got you covered.

Food Delivery in Silver Lake

As you can see, here at WOOD Silver Lake we have more than enough offerings to satisfy your dining cravings. Whether you want a casual pizza or a full Italian meal, our menu has surprises in store for you. All you need to do is browse our website to take a look at our menu and give us a call at (323) 667-9940 to order. If you feel like heading out, you can pick up your order at 2861 Sunset Blvd or enjoy our dining patio.

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