What Makes This the Best Wood Fired Pizza in Los Angeles?

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Pizza is always delightful, but don’t we all wish we could sometimes elevate the experience just a little bit? If you want pizza that’s more carefully put together than that of your run of the mill chain, allow us to introduce you to the best wood fired pizza in Los Angeles.

Why Wood Fired?

We’re not implying that using wood fire is an inherently better approach to baking pizza than what you’d get from a conventional oven. After all, you can always create wonderful food if you have the right ingredients to do so and know how to use them. However, the flavor created by using wood smoke to cook your food will definitely be unique and won’t compare to that of more commonplace cooking. We are not only talking about that particular smoky flavor that you definitely have noticed if you’ve enjoyed the best wood fired pizza in Los Angeles (although that’s definitely a big part of it). Thanks to the even heat distribution allowed by wood ovens, our cooks can better bring out the flavors in every ingredient.

Part of an Ancient Cooking Tradition

For hundreds of thousands of years, wood cooking has been a cornerstone of humanity’s culinary activities. Most of the cooking that has been done throughout all of human history has involved wood burning in one way or another. In fact, the wood ovens that we use to this day can be traced all the way back to the Mediterranean, where they were used by Greek and Roman societies, essentially shaping what we now know as Italian cuisine from the very beginning. This two-thousand year history allows us to know that the best way of preparing pizza is by implementing the particular smoky qualities of wood fired ovens. This is how we know that we offer the best wood fired pizza in Los Angeles.

The Best Ways to Complement Pizza

Sure, pizza in and of itself can be a full meal… if you are in college or at a party. A good pizza deserves to be complemented by the right accompaniments, and we at WOOD Silver Lake want to make sure that you don’t just enjoy your pizza. We want, after all, for you to have a full culinary experience. In our menu, you will find different Italian classics, such as delicious pasta dishes, as well as a collection of small plates and salads that will bring out the best in your pizza. There are many ways to make the best wood fired pizza in Los Angeles even better, and we have them all here ready for you.

best wood fired pizza

Pizza Delivery in Silver Lake

As you can see, here at WOOD Silver Lake we have more than enough offerings to satisfy your dining cravings. Whether you want a casual pizza or a full Italian meal, our menu has surprises in store for you. All you need to do is browse our website to take a look at our menu. If you feel like heading out, you can pick up your order at 2861 Sunset Blvd or enjoy our dining patio. However, if you want convenient pizza delivery, you can always give a call at (323) 667-9940 to order and you’ll be enjoying your delicious pizza in no time.

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