What’s Best About Wood Fired Pizza? Los Angeles Residents Can Tell You

wood fired pizza dishes in los angeles

So pizza is one of the most popular dishes in America with “pizza sales at restaurants topped $37 billion dollars in 2013”, and that number has only risen in more recent years. Frozen pizzas are also sold in their billions every year in the US. That be enough to make you think that some people only ever eat pizza, but the truth is that we all enjoy this delicious dish from time to time. There is a significant difference between a frozen store pizza and one of the best wood-fired pizza dishes in Los Angeles, and Wood Silverlake is here to help pizza eaters understand exactly what makes a wood-fired pizza so much more enjoyable than its flatter, less appealing counterpart.

Cooked In The Oven

The traditional wood-burning oven is one of the most ancient methods of turning to go into food. There is a lot of debate about whether there are health benefits to cooking in this way, but there are certainly lots of taste reasons to do so. Most culinary experts will confirm that a pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven is significantly more enjoyable than any other variety. It enhances the flavor of the dough due to its rapid cooking and high temperatures, and the burning wood adds a smoky flavor that enhances the rest of the dish. Whether this is being cooked and prepared in an outside kitchen oven, or it is being made for you by specialist chefs at a traditional Italian restaurant, a wood-cooked pizza is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy this dish.

Enjoying The Best Wood Fired Pizza In Los Angeles

There are also good reasons to enjoy this pizza for more than its flavor. The higher temperature that a wood-burning oven can reach means that there is a fast cooking time, so there will be increased crispness of the dough as well as tenderness of the toppings. Health experts believe that toppings that contain vegetables and fruits can benefit from being cooked over wood because they are made tender very quickly while still retaining nutrients and antioxidants as well as their flavors. With a slower cooking process, a lot of these flavors and nutrients are lost. Not only that but cooking rapidly with wood is one way to save more energy on your dishes.

Find Great Pizza Dish Options Today

The key to getting the most from delicious pizza dishes is to find experienced chefs using traditional Italian cooking techniques, including wood-fired and brick oven-cooked pizzas. These can taste very different from the bland store-bought pizzas that we are used to, and when offered a range of delicious toppings, including sausage, mushrooms, and mozzarella with traditional Italian flavors, customers can really savor these dishes. To find out more about how Wood Silverlake creates delicious Italian pizzas in the heart of Los Angeles, reach out to the team today by contacting us online, or by calling (323) 667-9940 now.

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