Wood-Fired Pizzas On The Menu At Wine Bar In Silverlake

wine bar in silver lake

Not many of us have been able to get out of the house and eat together with friends and family much thanks to restrictions, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning for when doors open back up and more freedom is gifted to us on a regular basis. If you like pizza, then there is only one option to consider, and that is Wood Silverlake! The wine bar in Silver Lake is renowned for its amazing wood-fired pizzas, and there is a reason why it has the best reputation in the area – the flavors! To get your taste buds going, here are some of the best and most popular dishes that the restaurant has to offer.

  •       Classic Margherita

In some parts of Italy the ONLY option for pizza is the classic margherita, so it’s only right that  homage is paid to it at Wood Silverlake. The delicate but powerful flavor combinations of pomodoro, fior di late (mozzarella), parmigiana, basil and extra virgin olive oil are absolutely timeless. If you were only to have one kind of pizza for the rest of your life, it should be this one!

  •       Pepperoni

Equally as iconic is the humble pepperoni pizza. A meat lover’s absolute dream, the thick slices of high quality pepperoni are essentially placed on top of what is already a delicious margherita. You get to enjoy all the flavors of that original classic with the added bonus of heaps of morish pepperoni.

  •       Farmer’s Market Mushroom

More and more customers dining out are on the lookout for meat free options and the farmer’s market mushroom pizza is the perfect answer to a vegetarian’s needs. Packed full of roasted garlic the cheese triumvirate of fior di latte, fontina and pecorino, the flavors are absolutely sensational and this wine bar in Silver Lake has a wide range of beverages to complement it perfectly.

  •       Four Cheese & Truffle

When you want to push the boat out and get something a little fancy, the best go to option is always something with truffle in it! How about this amazing four cheese and truffle pizza? All of your favorite cheese varieties laced with a flavor of truffle that will make you never want to stop eating. You’ll be devastated when you’ve finished, but you can always order another – no one will tell!

  •       Khachapuri

Those who want to try something a little different for one should get the khachapuri, or gondola pizza. It’s made with mozzarella, feta cheese, butter and two eggs, and it’s completely irresistible.

wine bar in silverlake

So, if you are looking for a wine bar in Silverlake that can also provide you with an amazing dinner in the form of wood-fired pizzas, then look no further than Wood Silverlake. It’s the perfect place to get back into the swing of going out with friends and having a great, stress free time! No matter what pizza you end up choosing, the one thing that is guaranteed is great flavors and a great time.

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