Everything You Want Out of the Best Wine Bar in Silver Lake

We know you care about making sure your night out with friends is special. Whether you are planning on catching up with some friends over wine and dinner or just grabbing drinks with your coworkers after a long beach, we at Wood Silver Lake will have the ideal place for you to go to. Our best wine bar in Silver Lake, which has a wide selection of carefully selected organic bio-dynamic wines, has everything you could ask for out of a nice night out. 

Best Wine Bar in Silver Lake: An Ideal Happy Hour

Every bar needs a good happy hour, that’s just a key part of the whole thing. You need to be able to sit around in a good bar for a while and be able to guiltlessly enjoy good food and good drinks for a few hours. At our wine bar in Silver Lake, we want you to enjoy just that, so we have come up with an ideal happy hour deal. Any day from Monday to Friday, between four and six in the afternoon, you can come by and enjoy a classic Margherita pizza along with the drink of your choice (Peroni beer, red wine, or a house white) for just fifteen dollars. This is the perfect way to start off a good dinner or a fun night with friends with the best combination of food and drinks. On Wednesdays, you can even enjoy a wonderful bottle of wine half off.

Good Food to Go with Your Drink

Why did we pair up our happy hour deal like that? Because we believe that good drinks should always be accompanied by good food. That is why, even if you don’t visit us during our happy hour, you will still be able to enjoy our delicious wood-cooked food selection. You can find delicious pizza and homemade bread to go with your drink of choice, as well as a variety of different dishes fresh off the wood fire grill and homemade desserts that are sure to make your evening even more special. There is no better way to enjoy evening drinks than with authentic Italian food specifically created to pair up beautifully with a glass of great wine.

Best Wine Bar in Silver Lake

The Perfect Environment

Of course, no drinking venture is complete without it being in the right establishment. The aesthetic of the wine bar you visit contributes quite a lot to the overall experience, so you definitely want to find a place that matches your expectations. Sure, divey bars are always fun, but sometimes you want something more. At Wood Silver Lake, we have made an effort to craft an ideal environment for your night out. Our mix of traditional Italian and Los Angeles upscale casual aesthetics provides you with the perfect environment for drinking a few glasses of wine with your friends. Don’t settle for anything less!

Visit Our Wine Bar in Silver Lake

In the heart of bustling, trendy Silver Lake, you will find Wood, a venue that combines the best authentic Italian food with the best wines available. Our organic bio-dynamic wines will give you everything you want out of a visit to wine bar in Silver Lake to provide you with the ideal drinking and dining experience, so don’t wait to drop by 2861 Sunset Blvd. with some friends sometime soon! We are open every day from eleven am to eleven pm.

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