Looking for an Italian Restaurant in Silver Lake to Cater your Event?

It’s not easy to find the right catering for your event. Everything is either too expensive, too overdone, or too boring. That is why our best Italian restaurant in Silver Lake puts in extra effort into developing tasty, attractive, and cost-effective catering choices for our customers. After all, that is what they deserve. If you are looking for Italian food to cater at your event, you will not find a better provider than Wood Silver Lake.

Best Italian Restaurant in Silver Lake: Pizza Catering

Catering events with pizza doesn’t have to mean buying bulk pizzas from whichever place is the cheapest. In fact, the whole experience can be a lot classier and not involve greasy cardboard boxes or mediocre food. Here at Wood, we make our pizzas with organic GMO-free stone-ground flour that we import directly from Italy, ensuring healthy ingredients and a unique flavor for every pizza we make. At the time of firing them up, every pizza is cooked on our wood-fire grill, infusing it with the best cooking properties of fire and smoke. We use only the best when crafting our pizzas, with plenty of options offered in order to cater to all tastes. Our goal is to elevate the pizza experience without compromising on its inherent affordability, which is why we are the perfect pizza catering choice.

Best Italian Restaurant in Silver Lake

Pasta Catering

You can never really go wrong with pasta because it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like it. There are so many different options when it comes to the pasta itself, and that’s not to mention the sauces. There’s really nothing better than a plate of homemade pasta, and that is what we at Wood aim for in every batch of our fresh handmade pasta catering. Our fresh pasta and sauces made inhouse by hand will immediately captivate the guests at your event. If you are looking for something a step beyond pasta, our homemade lasagna will be the perfect centerpiece for any catered event. Our authentic Italian restaurant in Silver Lake is sure to dazzle everyone present with our delicious pasta dishes. 

Dessert Catering

Of course, no catered event is complete without dessert, and we have just the right options for you. You can go sweet and simple with our delicious banana cream pie, our take on a traditional dessert that is sure to be a success at your event. If you would like something a tad more special, we have our wonderful homemade honey cake. This is the perfect way to crown just about any party, dinner, or event for it appeals to a variety of different tastes while remaining a special alternative to the usual roster of desserts you tend to find at catered occasions.

Italian Restaurant in Silver Lake

We work hard at Wood to create delicious food that combines authentic Italian cuisine with everyday modern tastes. Our menu is full of diverse options that evoke homemade meals while also delivering an upscale dining experience. If you would like your event or party to share that feeling, our catering menu is the perfect choice for you. We have plenty of different alternatives beyond the ones outlined in this post, each more delicious than the last. In order to contact our best Italian restaurant in Silver Lake for a catering order, call us at (323) 667-9940 and we’ll get you started!

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