Pizza in Silverlake the Right Way

When you open our website on your phone, the first word at the top says it all: “WOOD.” Here at Wood Silverlake, we make wood-fired pizzas. Utilizing a mix of old world recipes and techniques with the best in modern wood fired tech, we offer you a genuine pizza experience. You don’t have to travel to Napoli for it, nor do you have to head to New York City. Instead, you can find it in our pizza in Silverlake, or, if you’d like, we can deliver it to your place, as well. 

Neapolitan Pizza in Silverlake 

When people think of “Neapolitan Pizza,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is something about the crust and the shell, how it seems “not quite as thick” as other kinds of pizza. Here at Wood Silverlake, in so much of what we do, we try to blend the best of the past with modern advancements. So, we can make top notch Neapolitan pizzas using recipes that have been passed down for literally generations. However, we make them out of an organic, GMO-free stone-ground flour. This flour wasn’t designed in some lab by scientists or something – we import it from Italy. By providing you with the best of the past and the present, we aim to give our customers a kind of pizza they won’t find elsewhere. 

Pizza in Silverlake 

New Twists on Old Favorites 

Pizza has stood the test of time for a variety of reasons. We offer “tried and true” pizzas that people have loved for centuries. Our “Classic Margherita” is exactly that: a classic pizza that also includes pomodoro, fiordilatte, parmigiano, basil and even EVOO. Sausage pizza uses the finest quality meats too, so that the meat on this pizza is never just an afterthought. Whenever possible, we try to include as much of our wood fired ovens as possible. For example, our Wood-Fired Chicken pizza makes sure that the chicken has gone through the wood fire experience, too. All of the toppings on our pizzas are important: which is why the Wood-Fired Chicken pizza also includes  broccoli, Heirloom Baby Tomatoes, as well as the best cheeses around, too. 

Unique Pizzas You May Not Have Tried Before 

Sometimes, you’re in the mood to try something new, some kind of more unique pizza. We’ve got you covered there, too. Zucchini Squash pizza has all of the burrata, garlic confit and Baby Heirloom Tomatoes for an exotic taste. If you want to try something new but don’t want a vegetarian pizza, Lamb Pizza includes that meat as well as pickled onion and fresh mint. Khachapuri, A.K.A. “Gondola Pizza” includes mozzarella, but it also has feta, butter, and two eggs. Whether you choose an old favorite or something new, you can’t go wrong either way. We’re always glad to have you stop by our dining area, but you don’t have to get the pizza you want. You can place an order online or for delivery by calling us at (323) 667-9940

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