Italian Restaurant in Silverlake With So Much More than Just Pizza

An Italian restaurant in Silverlake or basically anywhere else is, almost invariably, going to be judged on its pizza. That’s understandable. There are so many valid reasons that pizza is probably the country’s most popular food. Pizza is a celebration, a reward, a pick me up, a party, a way of mourning, an event in and of itself — pizza’s so delicious that it can be anything that you want it to be. Indeed, as a people, we tend to find ways to incorporate pizza into more events in our lives. We’re quite proud of our pizza. However, when you come here for dinner, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that we have plenty of other dishes, too. 

Starters at Our Italian Restaurant in Silverlake 

Something that tastes great, is reasonably priced, and won’t be so heavy that you feel full — our starters are all of that and more. When you come here, we have several starters for you to choose from that can be the real start of a great night. Coal roasted spaghetti squash could almost be a meal in and of itself. Warm marinated olives are the kind of appetizer that health conscious people can eat guilt free. Our tomato and basil bruschetta is the sort of dish that everyone at your table will want a piece of. 

Delicious, Healthy Salads 

This is Los Angeles. If you aren’t consciously trying to eat healthy, then someone in your party probably is. As delicious as pizza, pasta and more are, we know that not everyone wants to eat them every single night. We have several incredible salads for those who are looking to eat healthy as well as those who are looking to eat something delicious. Between the Market Green Salad, Chopped Salad, Caprese and Grilled Escarole Caesar, there’s a salad here for every appetite. 

Italian Restaurant in Silverlake 

Small Plates, Big Tastes 

We strive for accuracy at Wood Silverlake. However, when it comes to our Small Plates, they’re so much more than just “small.” After all, the tastes of our Charred Broccoli, Roasted Cauliflower and Crispy Brussel Sprouts is enormous. Beyond that, we have plenty of fries and even truffle fries, too. All of these dishes make for a perfect compliment to your dinner, so that you can have a truly great dining experience. 

Mains Worth a Meal 

For something to be called a “Main,” we believe that a dish has to be: delicious, filling, unique, and the kind of thing that leaves someone satiated till their next meal. That’s what all of our Mains can be and so much more. Nonna’s recipe Lasagna brings an incredible old world style, and each of our spaghetti dishes offers a fresh twist. We understand that you might not always want pasta, which is why we have dry aged rib eye as well as grilled Wild Scottish salmon. For all of these dishes (and, of course, pizza) you can come to our location or you can have them delivered. For more, call us at (323) 667-9940.

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