Quarantine Meals from Our Italian Restaurant in Silver Lake

With all this time stuck at home, you’ve probably already run through the dishes you know how to cook in order to feed yourself and your household through this time of limited contact with the outside world. You must be tired of going through your usual roster of dishes and are looking for something different. Well, don’t worry. Our Italian restaurant in Silver Lake is here to give you a few more options you can enjoy while staying out home. You can make these yourself with the help of our grocery delivery service or order delivery from us.

Italian restaurant in Silver Lake

Neapolitan Pizza

You can never really go wrong with pizza. In fact, there’s never a bad time for it. However, all this time stuck inside has probably led you to order pizza on more than one occasion. In that case, you might want something a little more fulfilling than your typical greasy cardboard box pizza delivery option. Nothing against your favorite fast food pizza places, but sometimes you want something a little bit different for a change. That’s why we at WOOD Silver Lake offer you a delicious variety of Neapolitan pizzas for you to pick your favorite. Do you feel like you have some more free time you’d like to kill? We’ve got everything you need to make your very own WOOD pizza at home.


When you want something quick and easy, the choice is almost always obvious. There’s really nothing more convenient and rewarding as a good sandwich, is there? However, you might already be tired of that one grilled cheese you know how to make. At WOOD, we are offering sandwiches from eleven AM to four PM every day to satisfy your lunchtime cravings. Our grilled chicken pesto, BLTA, grilled eggplant, and meatball sandwiches cover all sorts of tastes and likings, so you are sure to be drawn to one of them. Are you looking for an equally quick and delicious lunchtime treat? Our sandwiches, each coming with fries or a salad, are all a great choice.


Pasta is probably the quarantine meal by excellence. It’s quick, easy, and readily available. It’s never too much of a hassle to make some pasta, is it? That’s why in our new grocery delivery menu, we have a few choices of dry pasta available. However, we also know that sometimes you want something with a bit more work put into it. Does that mean that you have to get all the tools and ingredients necessary to make your own fresh pasta? Not at all! At WOOD, we’ve got you covered. Our menu has plenty of hand-made pasta dishes with delicious sauces for you to enjoy. Nothing beats fresh pasta with a source made from scratch.

WOOD Italian Restaurant in Silver Lake

Located on the Sunset Boulevard stretch of the neighborhood, WOOD has been the local go-to spot for Italian food for a long time. With pizzas, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and meats, we have made sure to craft a delicious menu that you can still enjoy despite the stay at home orders. Tempted to get something from our Italian restaurant in Silver Lake? Give us a call at (323) 667-9940 and order now.

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