Our Silver Lake Pizza Restaurant Has All the Option You Can Wish For

Pizza is an equally accessible and delicious meal that is a favorite of quite a lot of people. That is why it is often one of the first choices of diners at Italian restaurants. That’s why we’ve made a point out of crafting artisan pizza pies of all sizes and with plenty of different options for you and your party to choose whatever you like best. We don’t want your pizza experience to just be a cheap, greasy cardboard box kind of thing. Our Silver Lake pizza restaurant wants to elevate your pizza-eating experience to be more than that. You deserve the best dinner without having to spend a lot of money on it.

Classic Meat Pizzas

Who can resist a classic pepperoni pizza? Let’s be honest, no one can. Well, maybe those who don’t really eat meat, but we are not talking about them just yet. This pizza is a classic regardless, which is why you will rarely find a pizza place that doesn’t have one. However, we obviously don’t stop there. Instead, we have a wide array of meat pizzas that will make your mouth water. Our sausage pizza, for example, can give you that slight spice you might be looking for. And, on the dry meat end, you will find our delicious prosciutto pizza, which is bound to make any meat lover very happy. Our fine meats will always be a wonderful option for your pizza night.

Vegetarian and Vegan Pizzas

Don’t worry. On the meat-less end of the spectrum, we have just as many options. Our four cheese & truffle pizza, for example, combines fior di latte, ricotta, fontina, and pecorino cheeses with truffles and parsley. Our farmers’ market mushroom pizza combines some of these cheeses with roasted garlic and mushrooms. And, if you want something with more veggie fun, the brussels sprout & pancetta pizza combines these sprouts with ricotta and smoked mozzarella with a wonderful taste. Of course, if you aren’t sure what to get, you can always fall back on the classic Margherita pizza. And if you are vegan, don’t worry. You can substitute any pizza with vegan cheese in order to make sure you can enjoy any of our options.

More Italian Food to Go With it

Of course, pizza isn’t everything that our Silver Lake pizza restaurant has to offer. There are plenty of other Italian dishes that we can readily serve and delight you with. These can range from your traditional pasta dishes with all sorts of sauce and style options. We made sure to develop an extensive menu that can satisfy many different tastes and cravings, whether you want something familiar or you feel like trying new things. We also have plenty of salads and sandwiches available, so here you are bound to find something that satisfies whatever craving you are currently having. In the end, you should get to enjoy your pizza the way you want to.

Silver Lake Pizza

At WOOD Silver Lake pizza, we take pride in our dishes, for we make them using only the best ingredients available. We have designed our menu so that everyone can find something they like in it, and we have crafted a dining experience that is sure to elevate your meal. Call (323) 667-9940 to order now.

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