The Best Wood Fired Pizzas In Los Angeles Are From Wood Silver Lake

best wood fired pizza in Los Angeles

When thinking about what the best kind of food to enjoy with family and friends, the answer which appears on many people’s lists is pizza! Pizza is the perfect meal for great flavors in a wide range of combinations, but do you know what is even better than a standard pizza – a wood fired pizza! It isn’t until you have had the best wood fired pizza in Los Angeles that you truly realize the difference it can make.

best wood fired pizza in Los Angeles

Once upon a time, only the high end places had the use of a wood fired oven, but more and more restaurants like Wood Silverlake are popping up to offer you this luxury method for an affordable price! Cooking in a wood-fired oven It is the best way to achieve an authentic tasting pizza! With that in mind, here are some of the biggest benefits of wood fired pizza over any other method.

  •       Speed

Wood-fired ovens can reach crazy high heats! Because of this, we can throw a freshly prepared pizza in there and it will come out perfectly cooked in mere seconds, with everything melted and delicious but still achieving that all important crusty crunch – especially around the edge. ! While a conventional oven can only reach up to 500 degrees, a wood fired pizza oven can hit closer to 700.

  •       Added Flavor

You need to think about the oven you are using as something that can add flavor to the dish in itself. When talking about the best wood fired pizza in Los Angeles, you are getting some of the notes of that amazing smokiness actually penetrating into your pizza. Not in an overbearing way, just in a way that makes the entire thing taste a million times better!

  •       Save Nutrients

If health and wellbeing is still a concern for you when eating pizza, then wood fired ovens are the way to go. Due to the higher temperatures, things like vegetables and fruits on the pizza will cook much quicker and therefore retain more of their nutritional value. Essentially, the longer something cooks, the fewer nutrients it holds by the time it gets to your plate. Flash roasting in a wood fired oven is a great way to go to have your ingredients cooked but still as beneficial as they can be.

  •       Energy Saving

Is there anything better than eating great pizza with the knowledge that you are being kind to the environment? Traditional wood fired ovens don’t require any kind of electricity or gas to operate, so you are essentially getting better pizza with a better taste, that also results in a better outcome for the environment. It’s a much greener way to cook!

So, if your mouth is watering for the best wood fired pizza in Los Angeles, then the answer is definitely Wood Silverlake! Head over to the website to take a look at the menu, we are absolutely certain that you will find something that you love, from pizzas to salads to side dishes to desserts and everything in between!


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