Can I Use Normal Bricks in A Pizza Oven?

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If you are somebody who likes to keep up to date with all of the latest and greatest trends in food and drink culture, then we are sure that you will have come across your fair share of pizza ovens before! While most of us have to settle with our favorite takeout or a frozen pizza thrown in a conventional oven, there are those lucky few who get to enjoy the magic of a dedicated pizza oven. Here at Wood Silverlake we like to think that we sell the best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles, but what can you do on those occasions where you can’t get to us? Here’s the question we are going to answer today, can you use normal bricks in a pizza oven?

This kind of question really does depend on who you ask, but as we like to consider ourselves experts, keep reading for the best information on this topic!

  •       Generally, if the bricks you have in questions are made from clay and have been kiln fired (so red clay or firebrick), then you can safely use them for building your own your pizza oven.
  •       If, however, the bricks you are thinking about using are simple concrete bricks that have not been fire treated, then they are not recommended for pizza oven construction.

The reason for this is all to do with the maximum levels of heat that the different types of brick can withstand. Clay bricks are able to cope with the high levels of heat that a good pizza oven will climb to, where concrete bricks won’t be as resilient and you will find that they can’t cope with the temperatures required. You won’t even come close to being able to make the best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles.

  •       Technically, any kind of brick can be used for a pizza oven, but if longevity is something that you are concerned with, the facts are that red clay bricks are going to last much longer than concrete bricks, giving you a better quality oven and saving you from having to do a lot of early repair work.
  •       As a general rule of preference, you should always try to obtain some good quality firebricks first and foremost. If for any reason you cannot get your hands on firebricks, then red clay brick is the next best choice for the job. Concrete bricks just shouldn’t be used for this kind of activity. They will deteriorate too quickly and can pose a real danger of explosion if you try to push them into an environment of extreme heat that their structure cannot handle. It’s best to avoid them altogether!

If you would like to sample the best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles, then head over to our website to find out everything you need to know! We can’t wait to share our fresh ingredients and classic recipes with you. Pizza at home is delicious to start with, but pizza enjoyed with great company at a great restaurant is a whole other experience entirely!

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