The Struggle of Finding “Food Near Me” in a Pandemic

There are countless ways in which the current pandemic is affecting our everyday lives, whether it’s having to work from home, not being able to go to the gym, or so much more. Limiting our time outside is also affecting our eating habits, for we are no longer able to eat out as much as we used to and getting sufficient groceries keeps proving to be harder each time. That’s not to mention the increasing number of businesses that are closing their doors, unable to operate at the time. There are a few different ways in which you can deal with the incoming difficulties, but it might end up being more complicated than just googling “food near me”. Let’s go over some of your options.

Ordering Takeout or Delivery

Even though Los Angeles restaurants continue to be closed for sit-down service, a lot of them are still offering some sort of takeout or delivery options. It’s important to remember what food places are bound to struggle more during the pandemic. Fast food chains and big established names are definitely going to be fine throughout this episode. However, smaller businesses and restaurants are going to have a harder time doing so. Think about your favorite local restaurants and small food joints. Don’t you want to help them still be there when all this is over? A lot of them are doing all they can to maintain themselves afloat during this difficult time. We at WOOD, for example, are making sure we still provide our well-known pizzas to the Silver Lake community through our carefully curated delivery menu.

food near me

Finding Grocery Delivery

A lot of us are currently having to spend quite a lot of time at home, unable to go out and get food. This should mean that we all have enough time to cook, though, right? Well, yes, except that getting groceries seems to be harder than usual right now. How are you supposed to cook if the supermarket shelves are empty and you don’t have any of the right ingredients to do so? Well, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Now that you have the time to actually cook and kind of a social obligation to do so, you should be able to do so comfortably. That is why we decided to provide our customers and fellow community members with a grocery delivery menu so that those who need to check off a few basics on their grocery list in an easy and convenient way.

Finding Food Near Me

As active members of the community, we at WOOD want to make sure that, even while our restaurant is closed, we can continue to provide the neighborhood with food. We understand how precarious the situation is right now, which is why we want to help our community through a reliable and convenient service for food near you in Silver Lake. By calling us at (323) 667-9940 at least a day in advance, you can order some of our many delivery offerings. This way you can enjoy the delicious taste of WOOD’s menu in the comfort of your own home. Around the Silver Lake and Echo Park areas, deliveries must be a minimum of $50 and there will be a $5 delivery fee. For longer distances, the minimum delivery order will be $80 with an adjusted delivery fee.

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