Finding Available Grocery Delivery in Silver Lake is Easier Than You Think

More than one person will tell you getting groceries is a little bit crazy right now. Shelves are quickly being depleted, long lines are forming outside supermarkets, and schedules are being reduced to facilitate restocking. There’s a lot going on right now, which is why it’s good for you to know that you can count on us at WOOD to provide you with reliable grocery delivery in Silver Lake for your own convenience.

Ample Availability

If you have attempted to get groceries delivered to you recently, you have probably run into the same problem most people have. You picked everything you needed and were told, upon trying to check out your items, that there were no delivery time slots available. Due to the high demand, grocery stores are struggling to have enough delivery windows for everyone who wishes to have groceries delivered to their own home. That is why we have established our own service for grocery delivery in Silver Lake. As a restaurant, we at WOOD aren’t in high demand for grocery delivery. Instead, we are offering this service to those who have already heard of us or those in the area that haven’t been able to get any food. This allows us to have better delivery availability and provide a more reliable service.

grocery delivery in Silver Lake

Good Stock and Varied Offerings

What’s the point of ordering groceries if they aren’t going to have what you want? You don’t want to be forced to compromise on what you tend to get, plus you will probably want more than just the basics. We have carefully curated our delivery menu in order to include a wide array of items that can satisfy different tastes and cooking needs. With pantry essentials, fresh produce, pasta and pizza ingredients, as well as plenty of dairy products, we can provide you with varying grocery needs that will make sure that you aren’t relegated to cooking bland pasta or canned beans. Everything is gloomy right now, so you deserve more than just salt-flavored dry goods. We also have wine and beer available for when you need the extra push.

More Than Just Food

Of course, groceries aren’t just food, are they? You will need other household essentials, such as toilet paper, which we all know has been hard to find recently. If you want to make sure you are practicing cleanliness and safety throughout these uncertain times health-wise, you will need a few supplies. That’s why part of our delivery menu consists of these cleaning essentials, such as bleach and gloves. You can’t be too careful these days, so it’s always good to keep some of this with you, just to be safe. We can help you be well-stocked in order to maintain good hygiene and a clean environment throughout this quarantine, long as it might end up being.

Grocery Delivery in Silver Lake

As active members of the community, we at WOOD want to make sure that, even while our restaurant is closed, we can continue to provide the neighborhood with food. For grocery delivery in Silver Lake, you can call us at (323) 667-9940 at least a day in advance. This way you can enjoy the delicious taste of WOOD’s menu in the comfort of your own home. Around the Silver Lake and Echo Park areas, deliveries must be a minimum of $50 and there will be a $5 delivery fee. For longer distances, the minimum delivery order will be $80 with an adjusted delivery fee.

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