We Sell More Than Just The Best Pizzas In Silver Lake!

wood pizza delivery

If you could order in and enjoy any kind of takeout meal with family and friends this evening, what would you choose? If pizza is something that comes immediately to mind, then look further than wood pizza delivery from Wood Silverlake!

We are famous in the area for our delicious, unrivalled wood fired pizzas, but did you know that pizza isn’t the only thing that you can choose from when you decide to opt for us as your restaurant of choice?

Thanks to a wide variety of dishes curated by our amazing chefs, you never have to order the same thing twice! To help you see just how tasty dinner could be for you tonight, here are some of the most popular dishes on our menu that prove we sell more than just the best pizzas in Silverlake!

  •       Salads

If you’re looking for something a little bit lighter than pizza, then go for one of our amazing salads. There is a large range to select from including our chopped salad with optional salami, our market green salad and our classic Caesar salad. All salads are made from fresh, premium ingredients to ensure the crispest vegetables and the best flavors possible. No limp salads from our premises, that’s a guarantee!

  •       Small Plates

If you want to mix and match with friends or just try a few different things for yourself, the perfect solution is a selection of our small plates. The most popular small plates include roasted cauliflower, crispy Brussel sprouts, charred broccoli, and spaghetti squash with delicious brown butter!

  •       Sandwiches

Also available with our wood pizza delivery is a great range of sandwiches, all served with fries or a salad. You can have flavor combinations including grilled chicken pesto, the BLTA which is bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado, grilled eggplant, and an indulgent meatball sandwich with mozzarella and marinara!

  •       Pastas

All of the pasta dishes that we serve are handmade, and we think it makes all the difference. You can enjoy the likes of gnocchi marinara, chicken rustica, carbonara, and meatballs della nona. We think pasta is a perfect takeout dish, particularly if you want to treat yourself at home during a lunch hour.

  •       Grilled Meats

Of course, if you are a true carnivore, then look no further than the amazing options straight from the grill! The two grill options that we are currently offering on the menu are a 14 oz Angus ribeye steak that is absolutely to die for, along with lamb chops that have been imported from New Zealand. If you know anything about meat, then you will know that the very best lamb in the world comes from New Zealand’s millions of sheep!

So, if you want any of the delicious dishes we’ve mentioned here, then don’t hesitate to head over to the Wood Silverlake website for everything that you need to know about our full menu and our wood pizza delivery process. We can’t wait to get your dinner right to your door in no time at all!


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