What Is Wood Fired Pizza?

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If you are somebody who doesn’t think much about the food you eat other than what kind of dish you want for any given meal, then it’s fair to assume that you might not know just how many different ways particular meals can be prepared! Take pizza, for instance, it’s a beloved favorite all over the world, and most of us have it at least one a month, but have you ever considered how many different ways it can actually be prepared before you dive in to devour it?

Here at Wood Silverlake, our favorite way to make pizza for our hungry customers is without a doubt using a wood fire. Don’t worry, we’re not just talking about some weird camping technique; we’re talking about exquisite flavors and huge differences in overall quality that can be enjoyed in happy hour in Silverlake. With that in mind, here is some information about wood fired pizza actually is!

  •       So, what is wood fired pizza then? You might also know it as brick oven pizza, and it is exactly as its name suggests!
  •       It is a type of pizza that is cooked inside a brick oven that has been built specifically for the pizza-making process. Rather than being heated up in an electric or gas oven, burning wood is used instead to generate the heat that cooks the pizza.
  •       The key difference between wood fired pizza and normal oven pizza is that the brick ovens are able to get to much higher temperatures and this makes a big difference to the cooking process.
  •       A raw pizza topped with lots of ingredients can be placed in a brick oven and it will cook to perfection in a matter of minutes, crisping up the dough in a wonderful way and flash cooking the ingredients so that they still taste completely fresh whilst being completely cooked. For many people, the tiny spots of charring that happen in a brick oven are the best, most delicious parts of the pizza!
  •       Whilst there is nothing wrong with cooking a pizza at home in a conventional gas or electric oven, you really cannot beat the fresh flavors that are achieved when a pizza is quickly cooked in a dedicated brick oven. Everything tastes fresher, the crust is crispier and you will never experience cheese as gloriously melted before!
  •       Another level of the wood fired pizza experience is that chefs are able to add something to the dish depending on what type of wood is used to create the heat. Decisions can be made about the levels of smokiness and other notes that can be infused into the pizza, and this helps to elevate the flavors and eating experience even further.

So, if you want to enjoy happy hour in Silverlake with a delicious meal in front of you, then don’t hesitate to make your way down to Wood Silverlake for pizza that you absolutely cannot get anywhere else. We take pride in our ingredients and our methods, and we think that the proof really is in the tasting!

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