Where To Find The Best Brick Oven Pizza In Los Angeles

best brick oven pizza Los Angeles

Everyone who has been to Italy knows that the pizzas there are out of this world, and completely different from the kind that you get in the frozen section of the superstore. The best pizzas are one of the tastiest treats around when they are made using traditional recipes and cooking methods. When tourists and locals are looking for the best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles, they should be searching for restaurants using the traditional methods to make and bake pizza so that it ends up perfect and delicious. At Wood Silverlake, we think that it should b easy for our customers to discover why our pizza is the best.

The Secret To Great Pizza

There is not one single great secret to pizza but in fact a series of dough treatments and cooking techniques that turn flour and water into a delicious meal. Starting with the dough, which is stretched and brought together to give it enough air to form fluffy, stretchy crusts that hold toppings securely, to the type of oven that the pizza is cooked on. Restaurants specializing in this type of pizza tend to have brick ovens. These are specialist ovens designed to cook pizzas quickly and thoroughly. The fast speed of the oven produces a pizza that is equal to none: “The smoky flavor, crunchy toppings and fluffy crust of brick oven pizza most certainly dominate all other types of pizzas”. There are two main reasons why this type of pizza oven is absolutely the best: the higher temperature of the oven, and the speed of cooking which keeps the pizza fresh and creates a better, flavorful crust.

Where To Find The Best Brick Oven Pizza In Los Angeles

Now that everyone knows exactly what makes the pizza oven perfect, it makes sense to identify exactly where this type of pizza can be found in LA. Los Angeles has a very large American-Italian population, and this means that there are plenty of places that claim to cater to their cuisine. However, not all these places are genuine Italian, and that means that they don’t have the recipes or knowledge to make the perfect pizza. This is why diners have to be certain the restaurant they choose is making their pizzas the old-fashioned way. There are some good guides available to help visitors and locals find the right place to eat.

Trust In Expertise

To make sure that you find the most delicious oven-baked pizza for your meal, you need to reach out to someone with the experience to make perfect Italian food that is just right. At Wood Silverlake, we can help you to get the best oven-cooked Italian pizza possible. To find out more about how we can help you, or to place an order, you can choose to fill out our online form with your details and let us get back to you, or you can call us at (323) 667-9940 now.

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