Why a Wood-Fired Oven Is Key in Giving You the Best Pizza

We can probably all agree that pizza is almost always a good idea. You can find good pizza in almost any price range and nearly everywhere you are. However, not all good pizza is great pizza, and at WOOD we strive for greatness in the food we provide. You will find that, more often than not, the best pizza will not be a product of conventional ovens but of artisanal wood-fired ones. That is why our wood-fired oven pizza is so beloved here at WOOD.

Wood Cooking: An Ancient Tradition

Throughout most of human history, the majority of cooking has been done through some sort of wood-burning. In fact, this might date back all the way to over 300,000 years ago. However, the wood ovens that we use nowadays can be specifically traced back to at least Ancient Greece. These ovens, which were built in a variety of different dimensions, were used in the making of bread, meat, and fish, among other foods. The use of these ovens eventually caught on in Rome, becoming a staple of what is now known as Italian cuisine throughout the subsequent two-thousand years. Today we carry on that tradition at WOOD Silverlake. 

wood-fired oven

Why is Wood Cooking Better?

It’s not that wood cooking is inherently better than, say, using an electrical or gas stove or a conventional oven. After all, you can always make wonderful food if you manage to find the right ingredients and you know how to use them. However, the flavor created by using wood smoke to cook your food will definitely be unique and won’t compare to that of more commonplace cooking. We are not only talking about that particular smoky flavor that you definitely have noticed when enjoying a wood-fired pizza (although that’s definitely a big part of it). Thanks to the even heat distribution allowed by wood ovens, our cooks can better bring out the flavors in every ingredient.

Our Wood-Fired Oven Cooks More Than Just Pizza

Although we are known as one of the best places for delicious pizza in Silverlake, you can actually enjoy a lot more offerings from our wood-fired oven. In fact, we pride ourselves in providing a wide array of culinary staples of Italian cuisine, most of them cooked over a nice wood fire. You can enjoy our whole fish branzino or our steak lamb chops, evenly and carefully brought up to the best possible taste. And if you are not into eating meat, you can always enjoy some of our handmade pasta or vegetarian dishes. We want everyone at WOOD to be able to enjoy a taste of what we have to offer.

Wood-Fired Pizza in Silverlake

If you wish to enjoy the countless possibilities of Italian cuisine and the tasteful effects of a wood-fired oven, WOOD is the dining experience you’ve been waiting for. Our restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles provides you an extensive menu full of delicious dishes and carefully selected organic wines. We are open every day from eleven to eleven, so go ahead and give us a visit at 2861 Sunset Blvd. It won’t be the last time you visit us.

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