Convenient Grocery Food Delivery in Silver Lake

For a while now, we at WOOD Silver Lake have provided the community with deliciously authentic Italian cuisine in a beautiful environment. Of course, right now we are unable to give our clients the atmosphere given the preemptive measures being taken to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus. Just like most other restaurants, we have transitioned into a delivery operation. However, we figured that we could better help the current situation, not by providing customers with our usual full menu, but by offering more basic and useful necessities. We have curated a new menu for food delivery in Silver Lake that can get you the pantry essentials, groceries, dairy offerings, pasta, fruits and vegetables, and drinks that you need.

Dry Foods

When stocking up food for long-term use, dry goods will be very important. Rice and pasta, for example, are versatile and convenient foods that are nutritious and won’t go bad. The best part is you don’t need a lot to make them into a meal. Simply by using salt and oil or butter, rice can become a tasty and filling side for just about any meal. Meanwhile, pasta only needs sauce and a few spices at the time of making it into a good meal component. Either one of these can be done in a matter of fifteen to thirty minutes, making this a quick dinner solution when you just don’t feel like overcomplicating things. 

food delivery in Silver Lake

Fresh Produce

Of course, cooking will end up most likely requiring some use of fresh produce to varying degrees. After all, onions, garlic, and tomatoes are vital components of a large number of recipes. That’s not to mention the role of fruit as a healthy snack and part of a filling diet or the prominence of salads and vegetarian meals in the Los Angeles food scene. Regardless of the specifics of your own diet and eating habits, fresh produce will always be an important component. In order to ensure that you get the fresh produce that you need in a safe and convenient way, we have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in our food delivery menu.

Dairy Products

Cheese and milk are vital ingredients in cuisines from all over the world. Whether they are had on their own or as part of a recipe, they tend to be a part of just about any grocery list. We want to make sure you have access to the necessary dairy products, so we have milk and fresh mozzarella available. We even offer stracciatella soup for those who are looking for quick meals. Dairy products are quick to perish, so we understand your potential reluctance to continuously have to go to the grocery store to get them. We make it easier by providing you with the delivery alternative for you to receive them whenever you need them.

Food Delivery in Silver Lake

We understand how precarious the situation is right now, which is why we want to help our community through a reliable and convenient service for food delivery in Silver Lake. By calling us at (323) 667-9940 at least a day in advance, you can order some of our many delivery offerings. This way you can enjoy the delicious taste of WOOD’s menu in the comfort of your own home. Around the Silver Lake and Echo Park areas, deliveries must be a minimum of $50 and there will be a $5 delivery fee. For longer distances, the minimum delivery order will be $80 with an adjusted delivery fee.

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