Why Is Wood-Fired The Best Pizza In Silverlake?

best pizza in silverlake

There is no arguing with the fact that when it comes to pizza, there is good pizza, and there is amazing pizza! Let’s be real, pizza can never be truly bad because it’s always delicious, but there are definitely certain ingredients and methods that will set one pizza place apart from another, and as it turns out, Wood Silverlake has both of those special factors in their pocket! Not only do we use the best, freshest, tastiest ingredients available in the local area, but we also importantly use the wood-fired method to cook all of our pizzas to perfection. So, why does this make all the difference, we hear you ask? Let us tell you all about it! Here are some of the best reasons why wood fired pizza always turns out to be the best pizza in Silverlake you can possibly have.

  • Speedy!

When you throw a raw pizza into a fully prepped wood fire oven, then it will be ready in a matter of minutes. Compared to normal electric ovens, this is much quicker, and with that speed comes enhanced flavors and textures. As the dough cooks, all of the other ingredients on the pizza cook as well, but only as much as they should be in order to stay delicious and crunchy! You essentially get a crispier, fresher tasting pizza in an even shorter time, it’s the dream combination!

  • Retain Nutrients

Along with tasting better, wood fired pizzas can also be much more nutritious to eat. Because things like vegetables and other various toppings are cooked in a much quicker fashion, they retain a lot more nutritional value than if they were forced to stay in the heat of an oven for more time.

  • A Greener Meal Choice

If you are somebody who is concerned with your impact on the environment, then opting for a wood-fired pizza can be a small way of doing your part whilst still treating yourself! Wood fire ovens take considerably less amount of energy to run than electric ovens, which is definitely a good thing in this age of increased environmental awareness.

  • Added Flavor

Not only are the flavors of your pizza enhanced in the wood fire oven, but you also get treated to a profile of completely new flavors compared to a more ‘conventional’ electric oven. The smoke created within the oven adds a wonderful woody flavor to the pizza, not overpowering, but certainly enough to showcase that the pizza has been cooked in a more special way then the norm! Once you have tasted the delicate smokiness that a wood fired oven provides, you will never want to go back to normal cooking methods!

best pizza in silverlake

Where to Get the Best Pizza in Silverlake?

Head over to the Wood Silverlake website to see all the information about our establishment including booking, menus, FAQs and more. We can’t wait to welcome you to the restaurant so you can finally find out what all the wood fired fuss is about!

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