What To Look for In a Good Food Delivery in Silver Lake

food delivery silver lake

Food deliveries have been in great demand since the start of the pandemic, and in fact, some reports suggest that “Food delivery companies did record-breaking business during the pandemic, as millions of housebound Americans embraced the idea of ordering dinner”. Data has shown that the value of the industry has risen greatly, and there are now more and more restaurants now choosing to supply food to customers. Like many businesses over the pandemic, Wood Silverlake is offering food delivery in Silver Lake to our customers, and we want to help them understand what makes our delivery service so great when compared to drivers and app-ordering.

Stop And Wait

The key audience for food delivery services are millennials, and it is estimated that “in 3 out of 5 cases” it is millennials who are ordering food or going to restaurants. This was true even before Covid and is, even more, the case as Los Angeles lies in the middle of a pandemic. However, just because these are the younger generation doesn’t mean that they are not incredibly certain of what they want from the service – particularly fast delivery and one-stop ordering apps. Evidence shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans will abandon food delivery orders if they have trouble with the ordering system, or they don’t get a good experience. This is why we want to give our customers the best service possible. Customers should be able to order simply and easily, without having to play games with the app to get it to place their order. They should be able to spot what they want easily and get it quickly.

food delivery silver lake

Restaurant Or Delivery Service

With so much of the industry taken up by specialist companies, who have swamped small delivery services and are now trying to squeeze both ends to produce a profit. One of the things that have been noticed is that customers are not really loyal to one service – they choose a delivery that is most convenient for them. In fact, recent years have shown a migration from the big industry names to smaller services and even delivery by the restaurant itself. If the restaurant that they are using can provide them with a convenient and simple delivery option, and give them their food on time, then they are likely to be as happy with that as with using any of the industry brands.

Get The Best Food Delivery in Silver Lake

The key to getting a great food delivery is to find a restaurant that you can trust. Rather than relying upon big brands for delivery services, speak directly to the restaurant you will be using. For example, if you want traditional Italian food made fresh and delivered straight to your door in LA, then you should contact Wood Silverlake today. Our teams are here to provide you with a takeout service to keep you happy, so contact us today either online or by calling 323-667-9940 now.

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