Wine Bar in Silverlake that Truly Gets Happy Hour

“Happy Hour.” That’s a phrase that should mean something. When a restaurant advertises that they have a “happy hour,” it should be the kind of thing, that, well, would actually make someone happy. That means great food. Moreover, it means that you’ll get that food at a price that’s much better than you might at another time. Here at our Italian restaurant and wine bar in Silverlake, we make sure to do happy hour the right way. 

Wine Bar in Silverlake: Happy Hour at the Right Time 

For a Happy Hour to be genuinely happy, it has to fall at a time of the day when folks are tired after a long day at work. But, it can’t be too late, because then people might be drained by the time it comes around. That’s why we hold our Happy Hour at 4 PM. The work day is over, and you’re probably looking for a pick me up/good time before you go on to face the rest of the night. Of course, we also understand that one of the best things a Happy Hour can do is to last for more than a single hour, so our Happy Hour goes from 4 PM to 6 PM. We hold it all throughout the work week, too. So, you can have a happier day any day, Monday through Friday. 

Wine Bar in Silverlake

Happy Hour With the Food and Drink You Want

In our experience, too many other restaurants reclassify “Happy Hour” as “Putting Out the Food and Drink We’re Trying to Get Rid Of Quickly Hour.” Instead of offering their best stuff, they just put out the items that weren’t selling. There’s nothing happy about that. So, we do the exact opposite. At our Happy Hour, you get our best dishes and our highest quality alcohol. That’s something worth looking forward to all throughout the work day. 

Pizza and Booze 

We know that when you come to a Happy Hour, you want to have a real good time. That’s why we give you what you want: pizza and booze. There’s a reason why, if you go to our website, you’ll find that those two words are in big, capital letters. Moreover, we give you the best of our pizza and booze, too. Featuring our Margherita Pizza, our Happy Hour also offers famous Peroni Beer. Or, if you’re into something else, we also have our House White or Red Wine, too. 

Wine Bar in Silverlake and So Much More 

Happy Hour can’t be too joyous if you’re spending too much money on it. That’s why we make sure that our Happy Hour prices are right: you can get all of this for $15. For about what it would cost to go see a movie, you can write a new story for your day (and night) at our Happy Hour. To see our entire menu as well as everything else that we have to offer, head to our site or give us a call at (323) 667-9940.

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