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As we enter the Nth month of the quarantine (who keeps count anymore?), a lot of us are struggling to make evenings, afternoons, or days in general special or even just different in some way. This makes sense since we all are all dealing with a sort of overwhelming monotony. Well, if you too are having trouble with this issue, we at our Italian restaurant in Silver Lake have a few suggestions for you. With our help, you and whoever you are spending your quarantine with can make a nice evening out of this umpteenth night stuck at home. Let us guide you through what you can do to break the monotony.


Creating a Nice Evening


We usually associate having a nice dinner with going out to an equally nice restaurant. After all, if you go out to get dinner it’s because you are looking for food that you can’t get at home. The atmosphere, the food quality, and the sense of making an effort all draw us to, perhaps, splurging a little bit in order to create a nice evening for yourself. This feeling might be hard to recreate at home but, with the help of WOOD, an Italian restaurant in Silver Lake, you can give it your best shot. Here’s what you can do to enjoy a special night in.

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First, What Will You Be Getting?


As we said earlier, we like to get dinner out because we get to have food of a variety or a quality that we can’t exactly have at home. In order to make sure that you can enjoy the delicious Italian food we prepare here at WOOD, we have developed a special delivery menu. This includes our extensive Neapolitan pizza menu, our grilled meats, our handmade pasta, and our variety of salads and appetizers. You can pick and choose what Italian delights you wish to indulge in tonight by taking a look at our menu and finding a dish that entices you. Maybe you are looking to order your all-time favorite dish for the hundredth time, or maybe you are looking to enjoy something new. Either way, we’ll have something for you.


Now, Set the Mood


Okay, so the food is on its way. Good! What now? Are you just going to put your delicious Italian dinner on paper plates and call it a night? Hopefully not! If you really want to make an evening out of it, you should go all the way! Don’t you want this to feel like you’re having a nice night out anyway? The best way to do so is to make sure the atmosphere lives up to the dinner you’re getting. Why not set up the table nicely and light up some candles? Heck, maybe even dress up a bit. Don’t underestimate how much making an effort can change the mood of the evening.


Order the Food!


Now that everything is ready, go ahead, and order the food! You can browse our menu online and then give us a call at (323) 667-9940 and let us know what you’re getting. This way, you can enjoy a great dinner from the best Italian restaurant in Silver Lake and take tonight to another level.

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